Children’s Message – Blessing of the Animals


Bag to hold items, stuffed toy of animal, photo of speaker with the animal (e.g. riding a horse, playing with a dog, feeding a llama), paper hearts (one for every child, and one for the speaker)

I speak of penguins.  Choose an animal you like and have a special connection to, perhaps an adopted animal at a zoo or rescue centre, or a pet.  Adapt to fit your animal scenario.  Keep it simple.


Good morning.


I have something in my bag.


What’s this? [stuffed penguin]


Do you know where in the world penguins live?

[Southern hemisphere:  Africa, Antarctica, and Australia.]


I have something else in my bag.

What’s this?  [photo of me tagging a fairy penguin]


Who’s in it?  [Ana]


What am I holding?  [fairy penguin]


I love penguins!


Some of you may know that I moved here from Australia.

In Australia, there is a colony of fairy penguins in Melbourne, the city where I lived.

Tod and I were part of a group that helped protect the penguins and keep them safe.


So, fairy penguins have a special place in my heart, and that’s who I put on my heart.  [Show them my red paper heart]


What animal or animals are special to you?  Who’s on your heart?


[Each child share, then put their heart in a basket Ana holds]


Animals are very special to us.


Let’s pray.


God, thank you for animals.  Help us take good care of our own pets, and animals in the wild.  Amen.


[Have two older kids help put hearts on display board.]