Church Anniversaries

What words do we use to celebrate years of worship together?

What words do we use when we are an ageing congregation?

What words signify the hope of new life in our church?


Worship Words resources for Church Anniversaries:

We gather, looking back to see the paths taken,

Looking forward to see our path.

We honour those who have gone before us,

Learning from their successes and failures.

We celebrate who we are today,

And welcome the possibilities and opportunities before us.

We gather to worship God,

the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Photo:  by Hugh Abel,  birthday cake for the 354th anniversary of Salisbury United Reformed Church, UK

photo by Hugh Abel


We gather, celebrating our life together

    With gratitude to those who have gone before.

We gather, looking ahead to our life together

    With anticipation as we step into the future.

We gather to worship and serve the living God

     the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey,

you are welcome here at Name of Church

on our special Anniversary Sunday!

Today we celebrate ____ years of witness and worship in name of community!

Luke 9:51-62

Help us not look back with longing

But look forward with hope.


Sending forth…

Go into the world

Strengthened by the past,

Inspired by the opportunities before us, and

surrounded by the love of this amazing family of God!

Go out with joy to be God’s people today.

Tune:  “For All the Saints”   Sine Nomine 10.10.10.A;

Words by Jim Burklo




For all the ways we help each other grow

As we share stories, moments high and low

The face of Christ among us now will show

We sing allelujia, allelujia.

For all the people that our church holds dear

For every precious memory made here

For those we serve in love, both far and near

We sing allelujia, allelujia.


For times when silence is the truest word

Or when the prophet’s thund’ring voice is heard

For tears and laughter that our church has stirred

We sing allelujia, allelujia.

In all our struggles, God will lead us through

And give us strength to do what we must do

To gain the peace and justice we pursue

We sing allelujia, allelujia.

Tune Hyfrydol AHB 148(ii), 173, 439 TiS 217(i), 233, 517

IMG_7043As we come in celebration,
We now contemplate our past
We delight in former friendships
And the love that holds us fast;
All our past is now accepted;
Through its troubles we have grown;
Now the future beckons to us,
Knowing we are not alone.

We give honour to past visions
Fostering community;
For all feelings of belonging
Energizing harmony;
We acknowledge past commitments,
Past successes, past mistakes;
Jesus never promised to us
Life without its pains and aches.

As this annivers’ry passes
We commit to ministry;
Look to Jesus for direction;
Forge a thrilling destiny;
We have journeyed on together
With abundant, godly care;
We now look toward the future
Knowing God will meet us there.

For ready to print musical score and lyrics: click here to visit George Stuart’s website.