Our world

What words do we use when we pray for our world? 

How do we verbalize the pain and suffering of the people, the creatures, the land?

How do we respond to natural disasters and violence created by people?

How do we celebrate new beginnings, restored relationships, future possibilities?


global-ministries-logoA prayer each week highlights an area of our world in greatest need.

Click here to read and access these timely and relevant prayers written by staff and missionaries serving Global Ministries (a joint ministry of the United Church of Christ USA and the Christian Church – Disciples of Christ, USA).

A related photo and related lectionary reading are also posted.

An example:

Prayers for Kenya: 
Lord, have mercy on us.

Help us stand together in the fight against violence.

We are all Africans and we share the same destiny.

As we approach elections, we pray for peace and love to one another.

Destroy the sins of division and the hatred within us.

Heal the wounded hearts and grant peace to our people.

river-colorado-thandiweRenewing god,

we pray for a new spirit of care

to branch out across the earth,

that all nations might act for your creation

in silencing the roar of the chainsaw

in extinguishing the burning of the forests

in purging the pollution of the air

in conserving valuable energy

in stemming the tide of pollution

that our destruction may be transformed

into the spring of new life


We pray for the well being of all creation

in this and future generations.

Creator God,

we know that life will not be saved by signing papers,

but by responsible actions.

Help us each to make our contribution to the future of your world.


David, a member of Church and Society in the United Reformed Church, wrote this prayer for the Earth Summit, June 1992

Photo:  Colorado waters, Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

School mural, Greytown, New Zealand

Operation Noah –‘faith motivated, science informed and hope inspired’

Operation Noah, an ecumenical Christian UK charity provides resources responding to ‘the growing threat of catastrophic climate change endangering God’s creation.’ True to their self-definition as ‘an inclusive group,’ there are usually two versions of each resource available: one incorporating inclusive language and imagery and a second using more traditional terminology.
Liturgical resources include:

1. ‘A simple service (or part of a service) to pray for the effectiveness of ‘Climate change and the purposes of God’ in enabling the Church to speak out with a clear voice on the issue of climate change.’

2. Creation-themed prayers, responsive and illustrated psalms, calls to worship, collects, communion prayers and blessings


Operation Noah liturgical resources


We ask that when we are tired and weary and longing for rest,

you come and provide for us.

When we cannot find your peace in our country and long for your blessing,

provide for us.

As we join the great circle of prayer with all the saints,

we ask you to come into our lives.

When there seems to be no hope,

Jesus you are our hope and our future.



reprinted from Commitment for Life, United Reformed Church in Great Britain