November words

Worship Words resources for special days and events in November:

1st  – All Saints Day

11th – Remembrance Day

20th – Transgender Day of Remembrance

4th Thursday – Thanksgiving, USA

30th – St Andrew’s Day

Additional days of interest in November:

mid-Oct – mid-Nov — Diwali  (date fluctuates)

 Hindu Festival of Lights (deep = light; avali = a row, i.e., a row of lights) marked by four days of celebration and illumination. Read more on the BBC religion site.

16th – International Day for Tolerance

‘to advance human welfare, freedom and progress everywhere, as well as to encourage tolerance, respect, dialogue and cooperation among different cultures, civilizations and peoples.’

20th – Universal Children’s Day

‘a day devoted to promoting the welfare of the children of the world’ (Declaration of the Rights of the Child,  Convention on the Rights of the Child)

November worship resources A-Z: