What words do we use at an ordination?

Who writes them?  Who says them?  Who hears them?

Resources for ordination services:


IMG_3664From whence comes faith?

How does faith move from one generation to the next?

How does God’s call reach into the heart?

Does it pass from one heart to another?

Does it blow, like the wind, from a mother’s or father’s very breath?

Does it come from a new place, from a separate place,

or does it pass through a shared point, a common link, through a single interlacing or web?

From whatever starting point, or source,

God’s call pulls one up into a new place,

a vulnerable yet exhilarating place–

open, receptive, truly oneself.

What an honour to share this powerful and gentle calling

with father, with daughter, with husband,

with God.

Thandiwe's ordination

Written for my daughter’s ordination into Christian ministry celebrating the call to ordination accepted by myself, my father, two brothers, husband, and sister-in-law

Ana Gobledale, United Kingdom

Words by Nathan Nettleton ©2006
Written for the Ordination Service of the Baptist Union of Victoria, Australia

Sung to the tune of Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
by David Evans ©1986 Thankyou Music

Come now, O Creator Spirit, come,
our hearts and souls inspire
Raise up your church, baptised
in water and with fire.
So each may take their place,
Sharing your love and grace….

Complete lyrics are available on Nathan Nettleton’s website, Laughing Bird (click on “Song and Hymns”) and may be freely reproduced for use in worship.