Prayers for Today


What words do we pray throughout our day?

In the morning?




Try some of these prayers throughout your day.

I wanted something that would weekly put me in the place where renewal in the Holy Spirit could happen....

Lawrence Moore

Lawrence explains:

I began looking for a daily prayer series that would nourish me in the sort of spirituality that is necessary to be ‘transformed by the gospel’ and ‘making a difference for Christ’s sake’ (i.e. life-in-mission). I wanted something that would weekly put me in the place where renewal in the Holy Spirit could happen; where I was engaged with the vital questions posed to faith by our contemporary context (depth experience of God, a habit of prayer and spiritual discipline, global warming, human suffering, and faithful discipleship of Jesus).

I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I wrote my own.

In offering these to others, I am conscious of how personal they are. I don’t mean ‘personal’ in the sense of being intimate; I mean it in the sense that they are my words and work for me. I have tried to keep them as free of ‘Church-speak’ as possible; tried to be as honest before God as Jewish Old Testament spirituality encourages us to be, and to make them open-ended and non-prescriptive in the belief that they need to facilitate and create a space in which we can commune with God.

If they work for you, I shall be only too glad – and humbled.


Day’s Beginning

O God,

You have birthed the world

And us.

You have washed us,

Dressed us,

Fed us,

Set us on our way in the school of life.

Give us courage to stand strong,

To meet all that comes our way with kindness,

Learn from all with an open heart,

And remember always

That the love which streams from us

Comes from You.



It is hard at times.

We started with good intentions,

But our best efforts seem to fail.

We are hurting,

And mother earth with us.

We need a moment’s space,

To let the fog clear,

To let the dust settle,

To see again

The brightness of your sun.


Painting by John Fray, UK

Day’s Ending

We can stop now.

No need to struggle any more.

Our task is done.

Draw the curtains and rest at home.

You are our home,

Now and forever.

We return to the womb that birthed us,

Safe in Your care.

Sunrise Lindesfarne Holy IslandLoving and Holy God,
it is such a privilege
to bring our honest prayers to you,
to open the Scriptures and discover not only that ordinary women and men,
but also Jesus himself, offer to you the gritty ‘stuff’ of their lives –
it gives us the permission we need to be that honest
not just ‘polite’ prayers,
… and even … not just the heartfelt prayers that come out of the needs we
experience and that we perceive in the lives of others –
but the questions and challenges
and anger and hurt
of our very human emotions
bursting from our hearts and minds and flung out at you.
Thank you for listening to these too.
And thank you for being in this day with us – with me – in whatever unfolds.

Whatever this day brings,
your will be done;
even if I’m struggling,
your will be done;
because I cannot believe otherwise
than that you will the good
of every single one of your children –
including me.

Praying with the daily lectionary* – Wednesday 27th January 2016
Written for Windermere on-line Festival 2016


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