Prayers of Intercession

Praying for others…

Praying for our world…

What words do we use to express the pain of our world?

How do we meaningfully express our concerns, fears and anger?


This time of ‘Sharing and Caring‘* offers a primary opportunity in worship to look outwards and to discern our responsibility for responding.

*Sharing & Caring — a phrase attributed to Darryl Dale-Ferguson of Colorado, USA.

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Nepali prayer flags, Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson
Nepali prayer flags, Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Read the prayers aloud.  At each point, pause to reflect and fill in the names of places and people as appropriate.


Heartbeat of God’s love,
melt my coldness,
chase away the shadows,
captivate my heart,
until I am filled
with the same stubborn,
and self-giving Love
for the world that is your abiding Passion.

Fire of God’s justice,
kindle in me righteous wrath
and prophetic passion.
Help me to dig the wells of fairness
so that justice will flow like rivers
and righteousness like a never-failing stream.

Sharp blade of God’s Word,
cut through the thick skin of my resistance
until I see the world through your eyes;
hear its groans;
feel its pain;
ache for its despair.
Then open my mouth
so that I may proclaim the Good News
in words that cut to the heart
and bring New Life to birth.

Dove of God’s peace,
brood over the disorder of my life.
Grant me the peace of your presence
which is so much more than the absence of conflict.
At home,
at work,
in Church,
in the community,
in the world …
make me a peacemaker
and not a paperer of cracks.

Make my life count for you.
Let me make a difference for your sake.
May my life bring you joy today.


imageGod of grace and compassion
Our hearts are full of gratitude as we think of the many blessings in our lives:
the gift of faith to believe in you,
the love of family and friends,
for shelter, clean water and plentiful food,
for access to education and health care,
for the freedom and speech and the freedom of movement.

As we turn our attention to the world, may we never lose sight of the fact that we are all connected – with those whose race, faith, political beliefs and gender persuasions are different from ours. The success and failure of others is our success and failure. The suffering and joy of others is our suffering and joy.

We understand that the privileges that we enjoy are your will for all people and we grieve for those who don’t share these basic human rights. Help us, as we struggle with the ever-present ambiguity of our faith, to see your compassion, and keep us aware of our responsibility to reach out in compassion to those whose lives are a constant struggle for survival.

God, you are not distant from us
You came to us in vulnerability
You offered yourself as a gift of love.

IMG_9961We pray today for those who are in the midst of darkness
The darkness of poverty
The darkness of loneliness
The darkness of grief
The darkness of despair
Wherever shadows threaten to overwhelm
Wherever they erode dignity or crush the spirit,
Wherever they hold terror, or danger, or hopelessness

Come Lord Jesus, light of all people,
Shine in the darkness

We pray today for all victims and perpetrators of violence
For those whose bodies have been violated
For those whose bodies have been harmed or abused
For those who have lost sight of the holiness of the human body
And the value of human life

Come Lord Jesus, light of all people,
Shine in the darkness

We pray today for those whose bodies are ravaged by illness
For those who live with chronic pain, or fatigue, or disability
For those whose bodies draw unwanted attention or discrimination
For those whose bodies are changing, through puberty, pregnancy, menopause, surgery or disease
For those whose bodies are failing and nearing the end of life

Come Lord Jesus, light of all people,
Shine in the darkness

We pray today for our bodies
With all their aches and pains
With all their limitations
The secrets and memories they hold
The lines, scars and markings they bear
Their vulnerability, their woundedness

We bring our bodies to you, whatever state they are in
Help us to love, cherish and care for them.

Come Lord Jesus, God-made-flesh
Shine your healing light in our darkness

Inspired by the prologue to John’s gospel


Sharing joys and concerns of our members:

After thanksgivings:

Leader: Loving God,

People: We give you thanks.

After petitions and intercessions:

Leader: Merciful God,

People: Hear our prayer.

redwood trees with green contrast
Gracious God,
giver of peace, planter of justice, spirit of love,
we lift up to you our world –
giving thanks for its beauty and majesty,
for its many creatures and peoples,
for its bounty and flourishing.
In our thanksgiving, we also remember
those who struggle day in and day out simply to survive,
those caught in the midst of conflict and war,
those affected by natural disaster,
those who are displaced.
Continue with specific prayers of the day...

Use the response: 
Water of life, renew the world and us.

Prayer items are listed before the prayer starts, bringing the news of God’s gathered people into the light, allowing time for surprise and concern in the hearts and minds of all.

This family news is shared in three categories:

  • We celebrate…
  • These people are in hospital…
  • We are concerned about….