Summer words

What words hold the glory of summer?

How do we express the mystery of bursting sunflowers, broad leaves and warm waters?


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Cairn, Colorado USA — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Arising from the reading of Psalm 1…

Delight is born of discipline chosen.

Contentment grows with wisdom.

Deep listening leads

along a cairn-marked trail,

dew clinging to grass bent

by pilgrim feet.

The sky is blue here.

Birdsong lifts the head.

A cool breeze caresses the cheek.

Legs grow strong like tree trunks;

arms branch flexibly

and dance with the wind.

From each finger drips

a ripening fruit.

The water is fresh and clear;

the plain is broad.


Printed with the permission of the author, from Carla’s book Psalms Redux