Vestry Prayers

Time for worship has arrived.
Worship leaders gather for prayer.
What words will inspire us? guide us? ground us?
What words will remind us of the need for both humility and authority?
What words will connect us to our common purpose, faith and God?
This quiet time for gathering and invoking the presence of the holy provides a foundation for the nearing service.

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img_6975On this day, in this place, we thank you for the lives that we have and the many paths you guide us on.  We thank you for all the memories and people that comfort us, challenge us and support us along our way.  And we hope that we can support, challenge and comfort others on their journeys.

When we look around our congregation, our families and our friends, help us to see how blessed we are.  Help us be thankful for not only the good and happy times that help mould us, your creation, but also the hard, challenging and tough times, that without which we would not truly be able to understand your love in shaping us to be the best version of ourselves.

For all the many footprints in the sand that intertwine, cross each other and walk beside one another, we thank you.  For all the experiences and people we meet on our journeys and for your support in our choices, we thank you.

Thank you for making us us.  Amen.

Photo by Hugh Abel

We come today as your church. May each person feel welcomed and supported by our love and prayers.
We pray for those who are unable to join us today because they are unwell, have other commitments, or are with family and friends. May they still know of your love for them, and your constant presence in their busy lives.
Be with those gathered here today. You alone know the needs of each of us, and the help or support we may be seeking.
Support [those leading] as they lead our service this morning. Help us to hear your voice through their words and today’s readings.
At the close of our worship, may we know your presence as we go out to join others for the busy week ahead.

Salisbury United Reformed Church
Salisbury United Reformed Church, UK

Our Church meets in a building,
That is a civic pride.
We some times need a shoehorn
To fit the folks inside.
We have many groups, who meet here
And do the things they do.
But the buildings only made of stone
The church is me, is you.

Many folk can tell you
Where our church now meets.
On Sundays, high days, holidays
It’s here on this fine Street.
But what isn’t so noticeable,
Though very, very true,
We witness to the city
The church is me, is you.

Some of us have high profiles,
In every task we see.
Some of us rush and shout
Dissenting voices we.
Some of us are quieter folk
Who gently pray and do
In this family of the church
The church that’s me, that’s you

Liz Grant, Second Wind Productions, Salisbury United Reformed Church, United Kingdom

Words to still the soul…

Now, for this space, I put them all aside,
the awesome things for which no words will come.
Such grief must go where only God is guide.
Our lovely plane darkens. Nightmares ride.
The sunlit waters thicken into scum.

Now, for this space, I put them all aside.

I read of torture others bleed. Outside
the thin screams rise. They keen a steady hum.
Such grief must go where only God is guide.
The aging skeletons no robe can hide
when eyes go out and soul surrenders, dumb,

now, for this space, I put them all aside.

Beyond compassion’s reach, our guilt or pride,
is hurt so huge our human mercy’s numb.
Such grief must go where only God is guide.

Who could contain these evils, and confide
the awesome things for which no words will come?
Such grief must go where only God is guide.

Copyright © by Jeanne Lohmann