Unhinged, prayer – David Long-Higgins, USA

Photo by David Long-Higgins

Loving God,
When devils in disguise
Threaten to unhinge my life
Grant me the grit of grace
Turning temptations around
Into opportunities to grow
Strong in my desire for You
Instead of the sneaky things
So easily demanding attention
Dressed up in pre-occupations
Too numerous to count
Their constant flow daring me
To give my heart and soul away
In worship of lesser things.

Grant me a strength of spirit
Larger than my own ability
Yet using every gift You give
To grow through the resistance
Necessary for a healthy heart
To be readied for Your flow
Of love into the world in words
And deeds yet to be revealed
In this gift of one more day
Given by You for love’s unfolding.

Help me remember to call on You
At temptation’s every turn
Daring me to distraction from You
Easily running after unsatisfactory
Siren songs calling out to embrace
My lesser self exchanging Your gift
For some inertia narrowing my soul.
When I discover myself unhinged
Grant me also the gift
Of remembering Your grace
To begin again and again
Running home to Your embrace
Trusting each new beginning
Will strengthen me just enough
To discover my soul stretched
By Your constantly loving Spirit.

By this, grow in me a strength of will
To do the hard things of today
Empowered by Your Christ-love
That I may be grown by You
In whatever way You desire
Reattached to Your Holy way
Hanging the door of my life
On nothing less than this of You
Swinging me open to love others
Also likely unhinged along the way.

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