God does not…, Matthew 10.29 — Steve Garnaas-Holmes, USA

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?
Yet not one of them will fall to the ground
without God.
—Matthew 10.29

God does not go around pulling birds out of the air.
God is not sitting at a control panel.
God does not “plan” your victory or defeat,
cancer, your accident, the moment of your death.
Things do not happen “for a reason.”
Stuff happens. Birds are free.
So are germs, and hurricanes, and idiots.

Love is God,
the pure energy of being, setting us free,
with us in every moment and movement of our freedom.

Jesus didn’t say
sparrows don’t fall without a plan,
he said they don’t fall without God.

God’s plan is not a mechanical routine.
God’s plan is that you are free,
and that you thrive and love.
God’s plan is that whatever happens
God is with you with love and grace.

Stop trying to figure out God’s plan
and pay attention to God’s presence.

After all that’s what you want:
not luck
but to be with God.

Visit Steve’s blog, Unfolding Light, “a daily reflection rooted in a contemplative, Creation-centered spirituality, often inspired by my daily walk in the woods.” The items included in Worship Words are re-printed with permission from the author.

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