Carers’ Prayer — Heather Smith, Carers UK

photo by Hugh Abel

Let me be kind when tiredness overwhelms
my weary brain and turns my legs to lead;
let me brave when truths must be conveyed,
confronting the past and all things left unsaid;
let me fight on for you when various rules
make nonsense of your rights and reinforce your fears;
grant me the stamina to speak and treat with fools,
remaining calm when biting back the tears.
Help me to know somehow that life goes on
beyond this time of stress and sleepless nights;
help me to smile and love you in the midst
of endless pointless and exhausting fights.
And when the caring ends, help me to be
kind, in my guilt and weariness, to me.

Heather Smith’s prayer was chosen from a competition held by Carers UK.  It was read at the 5 July 2015 service commemorating the 50th anniversary of Carers UK and celebrating the life of Revd Mary Webster, founder of the Carers Movement and Carers UK. The service was held at Eltham United Reformed Church.