A prayer to accompany the image of the deceased — Ana Gobledale, UK

When photos are taken at a funeral or wake and shared, often electronically, with friends and relatives unable to be present, this prayer might be shared with the image of the deceased.  It might be offered to the family to be shared before hand, so others can easily forward it with the attached image.

Comforting God, sadness surrounds us
as we bid farewell to our loved one [one might include the name of the deceased].
Hold our pain and regret that we are so far away today.
Gazing upon our dear one, we realise how powerfully we will miss them.
How we wish we could see them again and hear their voice.
Assure us that they are not alone on their journey into death,
that you and the cloud of witnesses accompany them.
Where there has been discord and separation in life,
we pray for healing, harmony and reconciliation through you.
May their face again shine with your love,
for you are with them in heaven
or in Sheol (Psalm 139.8) from whence you will deliver them (Psalm 86.13),
for great is your steadfast love.
May pain, anger and all that dims your spirit be cast away,
opening our hearts and minds to your Spirit.
Fill our hearts with steadfast memories.
As we view our beloved without breath,
Though we have faith, we may wonder what lies beyond death.
We pray they rest peacefully in your mystery of eternity,
for we believe that neither death, nor life,
nor anything else in all creation (Romans 8:38),
will be able to separate them from your love.
This we pray as your faithful people.

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