A Transplant’s eco-confession — Ana Gobledale, Australia

Each of us can act now to restore God’s creation to a place of health and wholeness.

My neighbours may be a bit aghast at my commitment to return our ‘English’ garden to a sustainable form,
a home for indigenous plants that need no extra water, an environment that is content with the rains that come or don’t come.
But when I see the water restriction notices, I’m grateful I’m doing my part.
But, I fall short, too.
Just the fact that I’m a transplant, and perhaps meant to be elsewhere, can add to the problem, I realize.

Where can we/you make a difference?
How can we/you help fix the ‘damage done’?

Prayer of Confession

God, often, we act out of ignorance, even out of a desire to re-create beauty,
not realizing that our actions are harmful to the environment.
Forgive us our short-sightedness and selfish designs.
Help us recognize the beauty of the world – this Garden of Eden – as you have created it.
Forgive us our arrogance, thinking we can make your creation more beautiful by changing it.
Forgive us for using this continent’s precious water for plants that don’t belong.
Forgive us for participating in the destruction of the fragile web of your creation.
So too, in our relationships, forgive us when we demand people grow or change to meet our own desires and expectations.
Help us see and respect your beauty already in them as they are.

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