Advent hymn, The Waiting — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune: The old rugged cross

We’ve been waiting so long
For the birth of the one
Who would rescue and salvage the lost.
But we didn’t expect
The Messiah we’d get,
Neither manger, compassion nor cross.

And I think I can just see a star;
I can almost hear angel choirs sing.
And I know Bethlehem isn’t far;
I can surely hear bells of hope ring.

We’ve been waiting for years
All our hopes, all our fears
Are entwined with what prophecies say.
We’re not called to conform;
We can all be transformed
If we follow the life, truth and way.

I am here to rejoice
To praise God with my voice;
In the noise I discern there’s a calm.
I am not always strong
But I know I belong
In our God’s everlasting safe arms.

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