Artwork for each week, Years A,B,C — Maximino Cerezo Barredo

Maundy Thursday by Maximino Cerezo Barredo

Powerful weekly images created by “painter of liberation”, Maximino Cerezo Barredo, are available for use in worship and church publications.  An image has been etched for each Sunday of the three-year lectionary cycle.

Explore the images for each week at:

 Year A images

Year B Images

Year C images

“There are liberation theologians … and there are ‘liberation painters’. Maximino Cerezo Barredo is one of them. His drawings have been running for the past decades in Latin American publications and passing from one person to another without copyrights or royalties, photocopying photocopies until they wear out and become almost unrecognisable … as a true “property of the Latin American People” they are. Now they entered the time of digitization” — quoted from the website

Titles and references are available in both Spanish and English.