Baptism hymn, In this Sacrament with Water — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night)

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.


Verse 1
In this sacrament with water
God can be seen;
In each human son and daughter
God can be seen;
When love streams from fathers, mothers,
Gen’rously from sisters, brothers,
When compassion flows from others
God can be seen.

Verse 2
God in love’s refreshing water
Brings us to life;
God in love’s creative water
Brings us to life;
Water, vital for our growing,
Health and energy bestowing,
Like God’s love, is overflowing
Brings us to life.

Verse 3
Joining in this solemn moment
Our spirits rise;
As we pledge our shared commitment
Our spirits rise;
Through this joyous celebration
We receive God’s affirmation;
So it is with all creation
Our spirits rise.

Lyrics may be used freely, as George Stuart has graciously granted access to all his hymns without copyright infringement. Explore his website for progressive and thoughtful lyrics relevant to a variety of rituals all set to familiar tunes.  Three additional volumes provide hymns written for the lectionary texts of Church Years A, B and C.  Lyrics and piano music are easily downloaded as pdfs.

In this Sacrament with Water can be found in the collection, Singing a New Song, Volume 1.

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