Be prepared, Children’s Advent Message — Tod Gobledale, UK

Matthew 24:42-44
A Children’s Message for Advent


Picture 1: Grasshopper playing fiddle
+ Once upon a time, on a warm summer’s day
+ A grasshopper stands in a field and plays his fiddle.




IMG_9118Picture 2: Grasshopper & Ant
+The grasshopper sees an ant working hard carrying something.
+ The grasshopper calls to the ant, ‘Yoo hoo, come dance while I play my fiddle.’
+ The ant says, ‘I cannot stop right now. I am toooo busy working.



IMG_9119Picture 3: Grasshopper questioning ant
+’What are you busy doing?’ asks the grasshopper.
+ The ant replies, ‘I am collecting food for the….’



IMG_9150Picture 4: snowman in snow
+… [let the children say…] Winter!





IMG_9117Picture 5: Grasshopper and Ant turning away
+ ‘Oh bother,’ says the grasshopper. This is summer. Winter is months away.’
+’Sorry,’ says the ant, ‘but I must make sure my family is prepared for the winter.’
+ With that, the ant continues her work gathering ant food.
+ The grasshopper contines to play.
+ What do you think happens? [Let children guess.]

Picture 6 (Sorry, it’s missing.)
+ Ant snug in her ant hill burrow, with the cupboard full of food.
+ And grasshopper? In his burrow, but hungry because the cupboard is bare.

+You must be ready says Jesus. You must be prepared.

Have a child read the scripture passage aloud:

Jesus teaches his disciples about being ready. He tells them, ‘Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. Therefore you must be ready. Be prepared.’

MATTHEW 24:42,44

How do we prepare for Christmas?…. with trees, special foods, lights,…
And we prepare for the love of Christmas, for Jesus, by living each day as if he is here.

It is a puzzle, but we believe Jesus is with us in a very special way.

Pray with me.
God, we are looking forward to Christmas coming soon. As we prepare for Christmas, show us how to prepare our hearts for your love. Amen.