Be still, words for gathering — Ana Gobledale, UK

Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One, is here.*
I invite you to close your eyes and breathe in that holy presence.
Breathe in the power of God, and breathe out the power of the world.
Breathe in the presence of God and breathe out the worries, the fears, the burdens on your mind.
Pray with me.

God, we gather to worship you, to open ourselves to your presence, glory and power, moving in this place.
May we feel your presence with each breath we take.
Open us to receive your grace in faith.
The chaos of the world sometimes feels overwhelming.
Renew our trust in your steadfastness.
The anxieties and angers of others can sometimes throw us off balance.
Renew our trust in your equilibrium.
The worry over Covid, its impact on our plans and designs can sometimes depress us.
Renew our trust in your peace.
May this time of worship calm us and strengthen us.
May we remember, with each breath we take, that you are here with us.
Help us be still, long enough to sense your glory shining all around.

*First line of ‘Gathering’ by David J. Evans, 1986, Thankyou Music

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