Be Thou My Valentine, song — Maren Tirabassi, USA

Be Thou My Valentine to the tune of Be Thou My Vision, Slane

‘Lyrics of mine when a little Valentine’s Day creeps in…’

Be Thou my Valentine, fill me with love.
Help me to reach out
with bare hand not glove
to each of your children – the far and the near –
the ones filled with laughter,
and the ones bright with tears.

Thank you for moments of gentle romance.
Thank you for passion
that makes our hearts dance.
Thank you for giving spouse, partner and friend,
your promise in grieving
that the love never ends.

Praise to the God of brash Solomon’s Song,
Shepherd of those
who don’t think they belong,
Ring of sweet joy around all who engage,
and Guide in divorces
for those turning the page.

Be Thou my Valentine, teach me to tell
all of your children
who sit by dry wells —
your Water is Living, you are the true Vine,
and, when there’s a party –
You’re the One with the wine!

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