Bend me toward Bethlehem — David Long-Higgins

O Love,
Like wise ones of old
Bend me toward Bethlehem
And every place of birth
Where You saturate earth
And world with joy
Surprising sleepy shepherds
Of one kind or another.

Wake me from slumbers
Of every sort
Daring to distract me
From Your grand gift
Poured again and again
Through heavens torn
Revealing angel delight
In frequent descending.

Yes, Love,
Grant me grace to raise
My eye, my mind, my heart,
Toward awe at close cosmic
Revelations that sing songs
Stirring the same in me
Releasing joyful abandon
Despite the evidence
Daring to mute delight
At every turn.

O Love,
Keep me open
To Your perpetual coming
Answering every no
The world devises
As the final word
With Your persistent
Transforming power
Changing everything
Bit by bit into beauty
Wrapped often small
Yet full of wonder
Daring to turn the world
Towards Your truth
That forms creation anew
With cries of life
Breaking night’s silence.


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