Black Lives Matter – a children’s message

Be fair!  Making justice bunting & signs — A Children’s Message as part of the Black Lives Matter movement

This was written to present to an inter-racial group of children.

Leader’s Script

Today we are thinking about how we can help change situations that are unfair.
We asked you to think about situations where you feel things are unfair. What did you come up with?
Did you make any bunting or signs? What’s on your bunting? On your signs?

As Christians, Jesus wants us to treat people fairly and be treated fairly.

When we try to make things fair, what can we do?
We can start with sharing and caring.

    • You’ve probably heard of Fairtrade shopping. The way many people are treated and paid who grow our food or make things is often unfair. When we buy things that have the FairTrade label, it means the growers and factory workers are being paid a fair wage.
    • In sports, playing fair is really important. When someone is not playing fair, we would usually say they are… cheating. The phrase ‘Fair Play’ means no one cheats. Everyone practices good sportsmanship which makes it a fair game for everyone.
    • We can remember that we need to share and care fairly with everyone, no matter what colours we are.  God didn’t make one skin colour better or more important than another.  And if we act that way, it’s not right and not how God wants us to act.

In every situation, we should be fair and expect others to be fair, too.

Let’s pray.
God, help us remember it’s our responsibility to be fair. Help us share. Help us care. Like Jesus, may we act for justice. Amen.

Send out to children ahead of time:

As Christians, Jesus wants us to treat people fairly and be treated fairly.
Sunday we will be talking about unfairness in our world today and throughout history.


We invite you, before Sunday, to think about situations where you feel things are unfair and how we might be able to make things fair. This might be at your school or neighbourhood or in the wider world.


Create bunting or a large sign that you can hang inside or outside your home. On the bunting or sign, write words or draw images about situations where there is unfairness in our world. Or write a message about fairness.
Older children might think about injustice in our world, and statements about justice.

Possible phrases to put on your bunting or sign:

      • Be fair. Be kind.
      • Know justice, know peace. No justice, no peace.
      • Treat others fairly.
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