Bleak Gaia — Sam Goodman, UK

Bleak Gaia*

A climate kairos worship resource responding to the climate crisis

All at peace
Slowly rotating
Tomorrow creeps

Swirled in mists
Alone in space
Where we exist
On a wafer-thin face

Clothed in blue
Silently screaming
And wrapped anew
Resplendently dreaming

Suspended and drifting
A mountain of wealth
And angels are lifting
More prayers for your health

Yet focus in nearer
At insects in motion
Details become clearer
Like wakes on the ocean

Deserts and mountains
And chainsaws on trees
Profiteers counting
A world on its knees

Rivers and lakes
And ice caps that melt
How much can it take
As a global fear’s felt

People of all places
All joining in tears
At hope held in stasis
As a world disappears

*’Gaia’ definition: ‘Earth’ in ancient Greek; in classical Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess who personifies the earth.
Merriam-Webster Definition: ‘the hypothesis that the living and non-living components of earth function as a single system in such a way that the living component regulates and maintains conditions (such as the temperature of the ocean or composition of the atmosphere) so as to be suitable for life’ definition:  ‘the earth, when regarded as the self-regulating organism described by the Gaia hypothesis: Our destiny is dependent on what we do for Gaia as a whole.’

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