Blessing for a Minister leaving post — Kate Gray, UK


Photo by Ben Ulrich

Leave-taking blessing 

These words might be used when a Minister is moving on to a new ministry or retiring.



[Name of Leaving Minister] – be free to rest, relax and retire.

Continue to listen to the call of Jesus, whom we call Christ, to respond to Christs call on your life in new ways as the Spirit leads you.

People: We bless you now and always.

For the Churches – be bold soul-friendly communities of faith, healing and peace.

Continue to respond to Christ’s call to minister with love

Read the signs of the times with wisdom and courage as you are shaped by Christ for the well-being and shalom of the city/town/village of [location of church].

All: We are blest now and always.  Amen

Written for the departure of Revd. Bob Day by Revd. Kate Gray, Manchester UK