Blessing of a building site — Zambia

Creating fresh liturgies for Zambia’ today

The city of Lusaka is often called a ‘construction site’ by its residents due to the constant building and expansion of the city.  This liturgy for blessing a new office block site has been written cooperatively by a group of Bachelor of Theology students at the United Church of Zambia University, Mindolo: Moses Mfula, Timothy Muke, Henry Mapulanga, Brian Musongobe and Francis Chanda.

Note: Some of the language is not inclusive.*  To read the Editor’s full explanation scroll to the bottom of this post or click here.

Blessing of a new office block site (yet to be constructed)

Welcoming remarks

I welcome you to this important occasion; in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, welcome.

Statement of Purpose

Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, we have gathered here to dedicate and bless this new place to God Almighty.

Scripture readings

Psalm 127:1-2    ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, they that build labour in vain.’
James 1:17     ‘Every good and perfect gift comes from God.’


Praise God from whom all blessings flow
The church’s one foundation

Act of Dedication & Consecration (oil & stone)

Almighty God, with this oil we dedicate this place as we sprinkle this oil upon this place, and step upon this place.
We set it apart for the sole purpose of honouring your name.
We pray that no evil shall ever dwell in this place.
We pray that it shall be a foundation of peace, love and joy.
And now I speak the blessing of God the Father, Son and sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Laying a Foundation Block

Word of blessing

Almighty God, to you we dedicate this place which has been procured for the purpose of constructing an office block. Consecrate it and grant that all who plan and conduct business on this place may, through your guidance, come to right decisions and carry them out fairly. We ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

Closing remarks

We now declare that this place is consecrated and separated for God’s works in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Story behind the origin of this resource
This resources arises from a link relationship between the United Church of Zambia and the United Reformed Church in Great Britain. In a project hosted in Zambia, shared daily devotions and group efforts to create new and fresh prayers, psalms and other worship resources have resulted in the creation of contemporary liturgies for today’s church. The hope is that they will be used in Zambia, the UK and the wider church (being adapted as necessary).

Language leniency
As the Editor of Worship Words, I have encouraged and participated in this project. The results include numerous ready-to-use prayers and other worship material that fit the criteria of Worship Words. However, some resources include male-oriented imagery for God and regal language for Jesus, both of which I usually avoid on Worship Words. I have decided to include all the resources, to encourage the Zambian writers in particular, hoping they will continue to both explore alternative inclusive language options and write and share material. If regular users of Worship Words are uncomfortable with this decision, please let me know, and I’ll have a re-think.

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