Blue Christmas service, complete — Ana Gobledale, UK

(compiled from various resources)

Click here for a Blue Christmas full service pdf download
A one-hour reflective service for a December afternoon or evening
16 readers (or double-up if fewer readers are available)

Order of Service

Welcome “Why are we here?”

Gathering Words

Lighting the Christ candle

Call to Worship (from Isaiah 9)

Opening Prayer

Reading   Isaiah 40

Song/hymn   How can we sing a joyful song? by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

Poem   “The Uses of Sorrow” by Mary Oliver

Reflection  —  A thoughtful message for the occasion

One possibility– Mary – dramatised, by Ana Gobledale
Life often overwhelms me. My boy is dead. Killed….
The story of the first Christmas is not really a happy story,
but a story about life in the real world….

Reading   Lamentations 3:1-3, 19-26 NRSV


A Liturgy of Light & Remembering  — the invitation is extended to anyone who wishes to come forward and light a tea candle in memory of a someone who has died or to recognize the pain of another type of loss.

Lighting first candle– to remember those whom we have loved and lost…

Lighting second candle– to redeem the pain of loss; the loss of relationships, the loss of jobs, the loss of health…

Lighting third Candleto remember and give thanks for those who have supported and comforted us during our dark time…

Reading     Matthew 5:3-12a


Lighting fourth Candleto remember our faith and the gift of hope which the Christmas story offers to us…


Lord’s Prayer (optional)


The light has splintered the darkness, Hope is ours once more….

Song/hymn     Silent Night

Go from this holy time and space, filled with hope, peace and love, God’s gift to us all. Amen.

Preparation and set-up: The worship space is important.  See suggestions on pdf download.