John 3.1-9, Born again, hymn, Lent 2A — George Stuart, Australia

by Kathy Schultz, Australia

Second Sunday of Lent, Year A

John 3:1-17 (particularly verses 1-9) & Matthew 17:1-9

'To be born again (is a metaphor) for the process of personal transformation at the centre of the Christian life … being born into a new identity – a way of being and an identity centred in the Sacred, in Spirit, in Christ, in God.'

Marcus Borg

Tune: Leoni 

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In darkness he had lived: he journeyed in the night;
Came Nicodemus to be taught some new insight;
And Jesus said to him, ‘To live in God’s domain,
In spirit and in truth you must be born again.’

This Pharisee was stunned; he thought he was misled;
With literal thinking could not hear what Jesus said;
He could not understand; ‘Such things could never be!’
But birth in Spirit gives us new identity.

Our life is then transformed when we give love free reign;
In love we live renewing life in God’s domain;
God’s spirit is within; and wishes to be heard;
Let us, as true disciples, be that sacred word.

Thanks to George’s generosity, all of the lyrics published on his website are free of any copyright restrictions and limitations and thus are all available for your use.

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