Bring us your peace, hymn — Sam Goodman — UK

Tune: Lobe den Herren ‘Praise to the Lord’

Bring us your peace
Wrap us gently in love that can calm us
Save us from fear
And protect us from hurts that can harm us
And as you heal
Show us your mercy is real
Live in our hearts and refresh us

Bring us your hope
Let us trust how you comfort and guide us
Let us give thanks
For the gifts that you daily provide us
All we receive
Gives us the strength that we need
Live in our lives and refresh us

Bring us your truth
Let it conquer the lies that dismay us
Shape and remould us
Enfold us in love as you save us
Teach us to be
Touched by your mercy set free
Live in our homes and refresh us

Bring us your light
Show us darkness can never defeat it
Show us your vision
And how we can serve to complete it
Let your light shine
Let it be your will, not mine
Live in our love and refresh us

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