But or And? a sketch/skit — Jim Burklo, USA

But or And? 

A slightly-adapted skit by Jim Burklo, USA    (‘Use freely – with attribution.’)

This is written to use as a springboard for a sermon or conversation.

Stage directions for online [Zoom or recorded]

Spotlight the two screens: BUT and AND.

BUT – hold a cross just off-centre on your screen and each time you speak, move the cross toward the edge of the screen, or even off the screen.

AND – hold a cross to the side of your screen and each time you speak, move the cross into the centre of the screen.

When the dialogue finishes, replace the spotlight with a third person to read the wrap-up sentences.


BUT:  I love you – BUT your habits annoy me to distraction.

AND:  I love you very much, AND because I do, I’d like to work with you on our mutually annoying habits.

BUT:  I love you – BUT you are too fat or too thin or too poor or too rich or too imperfect or too perfect for me.

AND:  I love you, AND I accept everything about you, AND I want to join you in growing and changing in positive ways.

BUT:  I would help you with your problem, BUT I’m way too busy right now.

AND:  I’m busy with a project right now, AND when I’m done, I will give you a hand.

BUT:  I will follow you, Jesus, BUT it is just too much to ask me to give up my status or my privilege or my comforts when following you leads to such sacrifices.

AND:  I will follow you, Jesus, AND that means I am willing to risk it all for the sake of divine love, AND I hope you will be there for me when the going gets tough.

Drop ‘BUT’ and ‘AND’ screens.  Spotlight reader.

Reader: Two words, two little words – But, and And. The first, ‘But’, a limiting word.  It limits the divine, shuts things down, limits possibilities, harms relationships. The second, ‘And’, is an opening word.  It opens up the divine, expands our faith, enriches our relationships.  Such little words can make a big difference.

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