Psalm 23 for today — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, UK

by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Inspired by Psalm 23

God is my shelter, my protection, and my guide.

I want for nothing, and I will practice thanksgiving!

God invites me to places of peace and beauty where wildflowers bloom and mountain streams flow.

God will restore me, and I will practice sabbath rest.

Even when anxiety and fear threaten to overwhelm me, when depression and despair have me in their hold,
and it seems like death would be easier than life,

Even then, I will not fear.

I will trust in God and practice surrender.

For you, O God, nourish me even when trouble and enemies are all around.

You claim me as your own and call me by name.

My cup overflows, and I will practice joy!

God’s compassion and grace are with me every day,

And I will make my home in God’s love, justice and peace.


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