Christmas Carol, The Birth of a Baby — George Stuart, Australia

A Christmas Carol for Today
Tune: The Ash Grove

The birth of a baby
Can kindle just maybe
A spark of compassion for all humankind.
At Christmas we wonder,
Amazed as we ponder
A sight that stirs love in our heart and our mind.
A babe so dependent,
A human descendant,
So fragile and helpless gives strength to the weak;
When love is wide open
To outcast and broken,
The baby is present for all those who seek.

Perhaps we could venture
To join an adventure
Of singing the chorus already begun;
Its mercy is tender;
True justice its splendour;
This chorus when sung gives great strength to each one.
But better than singing
Are actions when bringing
This Good News of peace and acceptance and grace;
With love so beguiling
The baby is smiling;
The heart of the chorus is here to embrace.

The story enduring
Of love re-assuring
May raise in our hearts what we know to be good.
It urges a question
And prompts the suggestion
To make this world gentle. If only we could!
For Christmas is telling
With hope overwhelming
Of one man’s endeavour to let God’s love sing.
He showed by his living
And by his forgiving
That love is eternal. Let Christmas bells ring!

Thanks to George’s generosity, all of his hymn and song lyrics are free of any copyright restrictions and limitations and thus are all available for your use.   Terminology may be changed to fit your situation and beliefs.  Read more about George Stuart here.

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