Carry me home – Sam Goodman, UK

Across the turmoil, amidst the snares
Though all the darkest days, weighed down by care
When it feels like no-one is even there
Carry me home

When burdens are heavy and getting worse
When others mock, and spit & curse
When failure breaks the plans I’d rehearsed
Carry me home

When the world is fragile and about to break
When the love that some of us feel is trampled by hate
We need to know mercy is there before it’s too late
Carry us home

When I come last and cheats come first
When I hunger for righteousness, and still I thirst
When I’m alone here and continue to hurt
Carry me home

When life that is precious isn’t valued enough
When we buckle and break, trying hard to be tough
When we look to the cross and begin to feel love
Carry us home

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