April words


Harvest in the south in April. Harvest in the north in September. The cycle of our year offers numerous opportunities to express our gratitude and thanksgiving. What words do we use to celebrate the abundance of a good harvest? Or to mourn the scarcity in times of drought?  

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World Health Day – 7 April

‘There is much to celebrate in the world of global health. Neonatal deaths have been cut in half since 1990.  Mother-to-child transmission of HIV has substantially decreased.  Polio and guinea worm are on the verge of elimination. ‘But there is still much to be done.  Drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis and malaria bring new threats to […]

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ANZAC Day, 25 April

How do we remember those slain in war? What words hold the pain and sorrow of the bereaved?  The dream and hope of the peacemaker?  The promise of light and life after the devastation? How do we avoid glorifying war and death, yet remember those killed and wounded, sometimes for meaningless quarrels of others? How do […]

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