August words

Slavery Memorial Day, 23 August

As churches and countries mark Slavery Memorial Day, we remember the world-wide call to repentance and reparation laid upon many consciences and cultures.  We pray for the day when those of all races, and those of all faiths and of none, will be treated fairly and equally by everyone.  — Joint Liturgical Group of Great […]

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Farmers Day–first Monday of August, Zambia

Every first Monday of August, Zambia celebrates ‘Farmers’ Day’, a national holiday. It’s a day in the spring to recognize the importance of agriculture to Zambia’s economy.  The Sunday before will be a time to celebrate the land and its produce, as well as to highlight the difficult conditions for farmers in Zambia. Around 85 […]

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Hiroshima Day, 6 August

What words can express the horrors of war? The atrocity of dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima?  Nagasaki? The complicity of citizens? The heart-wrenching desire to set things more right. The craving for forgiveness and atonement? Spirit of Peace, hear our prayer. “U.S. airman Matthew McGunigle photographed the Hiroshima blast. After the war, he entered […]

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