July words

Sea Sunday

Sea Sunday 2020 is usually celebrated in July, in 2020 it’s on Sunday 12th July.  But congregations may choose the Sunday that works for them. ‘Sea Sunday is when we have the opportunity to remember and pray for seafarers, their families and all who support them. It is a day of remembrance, prayer and celebration, […]

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Rural Mission Sunday UK, mid-July

Rural Mission Sunday is an annual event celebrating the work of small rural churches.  It provides an opportunity to celebrate growth and abundance. Prayer of adoration  God of mountains and mustard seed,skylarks and cattle; We give you thanks for all that you have made. As we look at your world in all its beauty and […]

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Independence Day (USA & elsewhere)

What words for Independence Day? We’re free! Alleluia! Free from what? Free for what? Independence at what price? What words express our fears when we see ourselves becoming those from whom we rebelled? What words hold the power of our confession as the oppressors from whom others have sought freedom? What words express our desire […]

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