June words

World Refugee Day – 20 June

What words express our commitment, or desire for the commitment, to reach out to welcome the stranger? World Refugee Day, declared by the United Nations to be marked on June 20, is a call for communities around the world to work toward peace and security for all, remembering especially the millions of people who are […]

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World Environment Day — 5 June

World Environment Day (WED) 5 June was set by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment.   Worship resources for World Environment Day: Earth Day worship resources               

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Father’s Day — Fathering Sunday

What words do we use for describing fathers… -who they are and who they have been? -our relationships with them — the easy ones, the complicated ones, the painful ones? Newest ‘Father’s Day’ posts . . . (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Father’s Day’ resources . . .

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