Pentecost 14B

Prayer for Afghanistan — Ramani Leathard, UK

This prayer comes from Christian Aid UK, written by Ramani Leathard, Christian Aid’s Head of Region for South East Asia and Afghanistan. Pray for Afghanistan O God of mercy and of peace, We hold before you the peoples of Afghanistan. Be living bread to those who are hungry each day Be healing and wholeness to […]

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Communion, Children’s Message – Tod Gobledale, UK

Pentecost (5 Aug 2012) Year B Materials: Loaf of bread (unsliced) Travel communion set Bag in which the above items are held (out of which they are drawn) Script: Pull out bread and ask:   What is this? When do you eat bread? When do we eat bread in church? Bread is important. Pull out communion […]

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Contacting God, Children’s Message — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

Preparation:   Bag with telephone inside.  The telephone should be easily recognizable, as a telephone, by the children. Gather the children around. I like to face the children, with my back to the congregation.  I either sit on the floor or on a child’s small chair.  The children either sit on the floor around me or […]

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