Pentecost 21A

Reconciling prayers of intercession for Reformation Sunday — UK

God of Grace, shepherd us Reconciling Prayer for Reformation Sunday – WORD Reconciling Prayer for Reformation Sunday – PDF Using a sung or spoken response:  Shep-herd us, O God, beyond our wants, be-yond our fears, from death in-to life. Click here for music.        God of grace, shepherd us.                    Sung/spoken response:  Shepherd us, O God, […]

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Reformation Sunday Children’s Message — Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK

Standing up to bullies:  Anna & Martin make change (reform) happen   I have something in my bag. What’s this? … DVD – Frozen Who has seen Frozen? Who are the characters?  Who do you see here? …(on the cover):   Kristof, Svens (deer), Elsa (ice), Anna (red hair), Olaf (snowman), Prince Hans Who’s the bad guy?  […]

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