recommitment service

Discern — Sam Goodman, UK

So how do I know what you intend for me? What can I draw on to find the strength that I need? What word can comfort, what arms can embrace So I hear your words calling and look at your face? So how do I go from where I find myself now? How do you […]

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From where I stand, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Tune: In Christ alone You are my rock, safe and secure All that I treasure comes from you When others fade, you will endure Your promises are always true Chorus From where I stand, from what I know You are my strength, you are my guide Wherever I am called to go Your love will […]

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Prayer for interfaith relations – Helen Heath, Australia

Creator God, God of love and compassion, of all new beginnings, You beckon us to another year of service for the community. But in our world, we are sadly aware of: .communities who are not at peace with each other; • areas in the world where hatred, war and poverty destroy community living; • places […]

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