Ritual Words

Words for religious rituals including Christian baptism, naming services, confirmation, communion, weddings & divorces, Nine Night, funerals & memorials, tombstone unveiling, exorcism and home blessings.

Blessing Services

What is a blessing?  When do we say a blessing?  When do we want a blessing said or performed?  Why might a blessing be asked for or offered? According to the on-line Miriam-Webster Dictionary, a blessing is words of ‘approval, encouragement’, ‘a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.’  And the opposite of a blessing is […]

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Baptism, Christening, Naming, Dedication

Baptism – Christening – Naming  – Dedication What words do you use to explain the mystery of belonging? What words do we use to present our children to the truth of Love? To affirm their welcome by the One which cannot be named or known? To welcome them into the family of Love? Hymns and […]

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Commissioning Services

Go into the world… What words do we use? What feelings do we express? What covenants do we articulate? How do we articulate hopes and dreams? The gathered church often demonstrates its inter-connectedness and care through rituals in which the congregation ‘commissions’ an individual or group to undertake a specific task. More than ‘order’ or […]

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Progressive Christianity USA’s Liturgy Project

The USA-based Liturgy Project provides hundreds of liturgical posts by authors around the globe.  The free worship planning material is easy to locate using an extensive index. “Progressive Christianity is an open, intelligent and collaborative approach to the Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus that create pathways into an authentic and relevant religious experience.” […]

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