Celebration of All Saints — Lynne Roberts, Australia

A candle might be lit after the three readers, or three candles might be lit, one by each reader.  


We come together to remember and give thanks for the dear and holy dead, for those whose influence has shaped our lives and who surround us like a great cloud of witnesses, making the mysterious heaven a home for our hearts.

God’s love holds us with all creation,
Embracing us with people in all places,
Gathering us with people of all times.

Voice 1: We welcome the light of God which has guided people in the past, leaving a legacy of faithful living.

Voice 2: We welcome the light of God present among us, piercing our darkness, illuminating our path and warming our hearts.

Voice 3: We welcome the light of God, which will surely guide future generations into the fullness of God.


Life-giving God, inspiration of all that is great and true, may the saints who have gone before us, the saints who are around us and your ceaseless love inspire us to offer ourselves in noble adventure for your realm.

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