Keeping promises,Children’s message, Luke 2:22-40 — Tod Gobledale, UK

Luke 2:22-40, Isaiah 61:10-62:3
Readings for First Sunday after Christmas,
Revised Common Lectionary
Year B

This is intended to be used with a group of children gathered together around the worship leader.  One or two children will suffice; more is delightful.


  • small child-size chair, for worship leader
  • soft cloth bag large enough to hold a Bible
  • Bible (one that children will recognize as a Bible)

Text of message….

Ready-to-print guide sheets:

PDF Children’s Message – keeping promises

WORD Children’s Message – Keeping promises

Promises: introducing the scene…     

Promises, what is a promise?
When I make a promise, what does that mean?
I am going to promise to show you what’s inside this bag.
Now, what do you expect me to do?
YES . . . show you what is inside this bag.
Before I do. Let’s talk a bit about promises.
• Has anyone ever made a promise to you? Who? What did they promise?
• Have you ever made a promised? To whom? What did you promise? Did you keep your promise?
Now, I’m going to keep my promise to show you what’s inside my bag…
• What’s this? Yes, it is a Bible.

Promises in the Bible

The Bible is a book full of promises.

  • Some are promises God makes.
  • Some are promises Jesus makes.
  • Some are promises people make.

What promise does Jesus make that we read about in the Bible?

  • Jesus promises to love us, no matter what.


There’s a song that helps us remember Jesus’s promise to love us:

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so,
little ones to him belong they are weak but he is strong.
Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me.
Yes Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.

Prayer:   Pray with me.

God, thank you for the promises in the Bible,
for Jesus’s promise to love us.
Help us keep the promises we make. Amen.      

Send children back to their seats.

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