St Andrew’s Day, Lessons from a Bagpiper, Children’s message — UK

photo by Ben Ulrich

Invite a bagpiper to join the congregation for worship on St Andrew’s Sunday.  They might play a traditional Scottish hymn or other songs agreed upon.  Ideally, they will dress in full Scottish regalia.

Invite the children to come forward to join the worship leader and to meet the bagpiper, look closely at the instrument, and learn about it.

Questions to ask the children:

  • What instrument is [bagpiper] holding?
  • What country does it come from?
  • Anyone know how to play?

Questions to ask the bagpiper:

  • Let children ask questions first.
  • Why are you dressed in a kilt this morning?
  • Where does the sound come from in the bagpipes?
  • What materials are used to make a bagpipe?


God, thank you for all the different countries in the world.  Thank you for different cultures and different types of musical instruments.  May this set of bagpipes bring joy and delight to many.  Amen.