Luke 15, Prodigal Child dramatized, Children’s Message — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Inspired by Luke 15

originally used on Father’s Day

This drama may be adapted to include any parent (mother or father) and any two siblings.

Ready-to-print downloadable copies:

PDF Children’s Message Prodigal Son – by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

WORD Prodigal Son Children’s Message – by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Henry and Matt, the two brothers, might be exchanged for Henrietta and Mattie, two sisters.

Invite children to meet at the back of the church

Have you ever made a bad decision?

What happened when you made a bad decision?

Today, we’re going to go on a trip with a young man named Henry.

Put on a baseball cap and oversized jacket.

Hi! I’m Henry. I have an older brother, Matt, who always followed the rules and does the right thing. Sometimes it’s hard to have a big brother who is so good all the time. My brother and I live with our dad on a farm. Let me introduce you to my dad.

Walk to the front of the worship space. Person there.

Henry: Hi Dad! Meet my friends!

Dad: Well hello. Nice to meet you all.

Henry: Hey Dad! You know how you said that when you die, Matt and I can split all of your belongings? Well, can I get my half of the money now? I want to go into the world and make my fortune.

Dad: Alright son. Here’s your half of the money.

Henry: Where shall we go next? Let’s go over here.

Walk to different part of the worship space.

Narrator 1: So Henry went to a far-off country. He bought fancy clothes…

Hold up picture of fancy/expensive clothes.

and lived in a fancy house

Hold up picture of a fancy/expensive house.

and ate fancy food

Hold up picture of fancy/expensive food.

and spent all of his money, until he was absolutely broke.

Henry: Oh no! All my money’s gone. I don’t even have enough to buy food and there’s a famine, which means there’s not enough food for everyone to have some. What am I going to do??

Pig-Owner (In different part of the room): Henry, why don’t you come and work for me? I have a job for you feeding my pigs.

Hold up picture of pigs.

Henry: Come on! Let’s go. Any job is better than no job.

Henry leads the children over to where the pig farmer is.

Henry: I’m glad I have a job, but the pigs eat better food than I do. Maybe I could steal some of their food. I’m so hungry!!

Looking Sad.

Henry: You know what? The people who work for my dad back home eat better than I do. I know I made some bad choices, but maybe I can go back and say I’m sorry and work for my dad.

Looking to the children: What do you think? Do you think my dad will be mad at me for wasting all the money he gave me? Do you think I’ll get in trouble when I go home? But even getting in trouble would be better than not having enough food and living with pigs!

Heading back to the front of the sanctuary. Dad sees Henry and all the children and rushes up the aisle.

Dad: Henry! I’m so glad to see you! I was really worried about you – I’m glad you’re safe and alive! I am so glad that you’re home!!!! Here. We’re going to throw a big party to celebrate that you’ve come home safely! I love you so much!

Henry to the children: Sometimes we make bad decisions.  Sometimes our parents or our teachers are angry with us.  Sometimes we are angry with ourselves.

But no matter what we do, God always loves us and God is always ready to welcome us home.

Pray with me: God thank you for loving us no matter what.  Help us to share your love.  Amen.