The work of spring, Children’s Message — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

This might be included in a Blessing of the Gardeners service, or used any time during the planting and tending season.


Put several items into a bag:  Bible, flower bulbs, gardening gloves, small gardening tools, e.g. trowel.

Take items out as they are mentioned in the script.


I invite the children forward to sit with me on the floor or carpet.  If there are chancel steps, I sit in a child-size chair facing the steps with my back to the congregation.  I use a microphone so all may hear clearly.

To start I welcome them all and make sure everyone is settled and comfortable, and can see me.  If they are too strung out on the steps, I gather them in around me.

As I pull each item out of the bag, I encourage the children to complete my sentences before offering the ‘answer.’

 I have brought some things in my bag this morning.

What’s this?    Bible.  

One of the first stories of the Bible tells about a beautiful garden., the Garden of … Eden

The Bible says: God planted a garden in Eden. And, God took people, and placed them in the Garden of Eden to take care of it, to plant and till it.

All the world around us is the garden that God planted and wants us to till and keep/preserve it.

So, what else have I got in my bag?

What are these?                    Flower bulbs.

What do we do with them?    We plant them in our gardens, so flowers will grow.

What are these?                    Gardening gloves.     

When do we use them?      When we are working in a garden.

What are these?                    Gardening tools.

When do we use them?      When we are working in a garden.

Do any of you have a garden?


What season is it now?   …               Spring.

What happens in the spring?  … 

We begin another season of spring gardening, another season of caring for this garden, this precious planet that God has given us to look after.


Song (optional)

There is a song about spring that I like. 

Maybe some of the adults can join me singing if they know it.  

It goes like this:


All things bright and beautiful,

all creatures great and small,

all things wise and wonderful,

for you made them all.  


Each little flow’r that opens,

each little bird that sings,

you made their glowing colours,

you made their tiny wings.  


We feel the cold of winter,

we feel the pleasant summer sun,

we see the ripe fruits of the garden,

you, God made them everyone. 


Prayer (2 options)

Pray with me. 

Dear God we give thanks for this earth, your garden.

Help us take good care of all the plants and animals that live here with us.



Pray with me.

I will say a line and you repeat it.

Thank you God for flowers.    Thank you God for flowers.

Thank you God for vegetables.    Thank you God for vegetables.

Thank you God for gardens.    Thank you God for gardens.

Amen.    Amen.