Children’s song, God loves me and God loves you — George Stuart, Australia

God loves me and God loves you
Tune: Ba Ba Black Sheep 

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here:

Choose which verses are most relevant, omit the others.
Arrange them in the sequence most suitable for your purpose.
The last two lines of the first verse are the same for all other verses.
George suggests: consider teaching the children only two verses and help them to memorise them by singing them often.

When I’m happy and I’m glad;
Even when I’m feeling sad,
God is love; I know that’s true;
God loves me and God loves you.

When I want to jump and sing,
When I’m sitting in a ring,

When I’m sad and want to cry,
When I can’t do what I try,

When I’m having fun at play,
When we go on holiday,

When I hop and jump and run,
When I’m having lots of fun,

When I go to sleep at night,
And I snuggle up real tight,

When I hug my teddy bear,
While I’m sitting on a chair,

George Stuart has several singable worship songs for children, new lyrics for familiar tunes. He has written hundreds of other inclusive language hymns. Explore his website here.

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