Choir Dedications

These services of dedication arise from the United Church of Zambia but might be used elsewhere with minimal adaptation.  They have been written by ministry students attending the United Church of Zambia University in Mindolo.

Explanation & Context

Congregations in the United Church of Zambia often have 2000-5000 members from which arise numerous choirs. A Sunday morning service will often include anthems from as many as four choirs: these might involve the main choir, a praise team, a Women’s Fellowship choir and a men’s choir.

A choir might have 15-160 members and hold 3-4 rehearsals each week.  Choirs offer community, belonging and purpose to their members and an opportunity to use one’s talent to serve the church and praise God.

New choirs spring up frequently and quickly take on an identity of their own.  A choir name is chosen as is a colour-theme and uniform (which often includes matching hairstyles or wigs).  Members receive Choir Membership Cards.  A new choir will seek recognition and blessing from the wider church.

Choir Dedication Liturgies


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