Christ comes as a refugee, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Dominus Regit Me
Title: Ministering to Christ

The sacred role of ministry
Of caring for the broken –
Christ can be heard, but silently
As if his pain has spoken.

The ministry to Christ is known
In caring for the stricken;
He comes to us in flesh and bone
Of those caught in affliction.

Christ is not seen in pageantry,
Nor seen in dazzling raiment;
Christ comes to us as refugee,
As outcast and as vagrant.

If we neglect to show our care
Or exercise compassion,
The Christ is left in deep despair.
For loving is his passion.

When we support those gone astray,
The stranger and the helpless,
We minister to Christ and lay
The grounds for hope and kindness

Thanks to George’s generosity, all of his hymn and song lyrics are free of any copyright restrictions and limitations and thus are all available for your use.   Terminology may be changed to fit your situation and beliefs.  Read more about George Stuart here.

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