Christmas communion — Warren Hartley, UK

At Christmas we remember a baby born into poverty,
a child who grew up and preached a radical message of peace, justice and equality,
a message he knew that would eventually get him killed.
Knowing that his time was coming to an end,
he wanted to explain again to those closest to him what he was trying to achieve.

Whilst sharing a meal with his friends he took a loaf of bread, blessed it and offered it to those he loved explaining my body is this bread. A life that is to be shared. Just like bread is one of the basic necessities of life which needs to be shared with everyone. By eating this bread, remember me, remember all that I have tried to show you. Remember.

After the meal he also took a cup of wine and gave God thanks. Wine at that time was not just a luxury, but a necessity, the only safe form of drinking water. Jesus said to his friends, this wine is my blood. The essence of life. I share with you not just my body but my life, my love my all. I’ve given everything I have to show you a different way of life. By drinking this wine remember me, remember all that I have tried to show you. Remember.

Tonight as we share that meal held 2000 years ago, by the grace of the Holy Spirit we remember Jesus, we remember all that he did and all that he gave to show us a way of peace, of justice and most importantly love.

Bread and wine/juice are shared.

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