Climate in our hands (hymn) — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Russian Hymn

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.

This wondrous universe tells of God’s glory,
Endless in space and forever in time;
We are astonished when we contemplate its story
We have a place in this myst’ry sublime.

This planet’s destiny, life in its beauty
Rests with the choices we make every day;
We have the burden, we have the solemn duty
To guard tomorrow, so children can play.

Consuming energy; burning resources;
Climate is changing and sea levels rise;
Deserts expanding; more weather’s fiercest forces;
This is our fate; it should be no surprise!

Changes to industry and to our life-style
Can welcome nature to heal and repair;
Living again in the bountiful and fertile,
God is again to be found everywhere.

Lyrics may be used freely, as George Stuart has graciously granted access to all his hymns without copyright infringement. Explore his website for progressive and thoughtful lyrics relevant to a variety of rituals all set to familiar tunes.  Three additional volumes provide hymns written for the lectionary texts of Church Years A, B and C.  Lyrics and piano music are easily downloaded as pdfs.

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